Computer Dynamics, Inc. provides custom computer programming and software development services for a wide range of systems in a variety of programming languages. While our specialty is custom programming for IBM i™ on IBM’s Power Systems™ platform (formerly System i™, i5™, iSeries™, AS/400®), we also provide relational database, web based solutions and web based front ends to existing midrange applications.

  • Complete Systems
  • Modifications and enhancements to existing applications
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Support and Problem Solving for existing applications
  • Interfaces to non-compatible applications and platforms
    • We have provided custom interfaces with:
      • PCs
      • Unix Systems
      • Mainframes
      • Phone/PBX Systems
      • Fax Systems
      • Copier Systems
      • Credit Card Payment Gateways such as Tenerum Payment Systems
      • U.S. Customs and Border Control
      • Travel Services such as, Expedia, Orbitz and SynXis
      • Countless Software Applications
  • Data conversions to or from IBM® midrange systems
  • Website development
    • Web-based front-end to back-office applications
    • User maintainable websites using a content management system (CMS)
  • Development in RPG Free-Format, RPGLE (RPG IV), SQLRPGLE, RPG/400®, MS Access, FreeStyle, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

We are happy to handle your projects directly or provide additional technical resources to work with your team.

Lives We’ve Touched Along the Way

It is humbling to reflect on the number of lives we’ve touch behind the scenes with our custom programming over the years.

Retail and Shopping

If you have shopped at retailers in the Greater New Orleans area, such as furniture, appliance, clothing and department stores, you likely have items in your home that our custom programming helped get there.  We’ve developed custom software that provides U.S. Customs and Border Protection the data required to clear shipments coming into the Port of New Orleans from around the world.

Grocery / Convenience Store

If you have purchased frozen chicken or beef from your local grocer, you likely have food in your freezer that our custom programming helped to get there.  We’ve written custom software to track frozen inventory from warehouses across multiple states right to your local grocer.  In addition, our custom programming has aided in shipping frozen chicken and beef from the Port of New Orleans to countries around the world.

If you have purchased items from convenience stores in the New Orleans region, it’s quite possible that our custom programming helped their wholesale grocer to provide the inventory.


If you’ve been to certain doctors’ offices and hospitals in the Greater New Orleans area, custom software that we developed has likely processed your medical billing and filed insurance claims for your medical provider.


If you’ve lived in the southeast region of the United States and drink coffee, you have likely consumed one or more cups that our custom software helped along its way.  Custom software that we developed tracks the ownership and sales of millions of pounds of coffee beans and has even played a role in the processing, blending and roasting of some.


If you have ever visited certain hotels in the French Quarter, downtown and uptown areas of New Orleans, custom software that we developed likely played a role in helping you find, book and pay for your hotel reservation.  Even if you made your reservation through, Expedia, Orbitz, or other similar reservation sites, custom software that we programmed still may have booked your reservation with the local hotel and processed your payment.

Other Industries

Please visit our industries page for an overview of the many additional industries for which we’ve written custom software.