What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services by Computer Dynamics, Inc. is like having your own full-time IT staff for a surprisingly nominal cost.  With our remote monitoring and management tools, we regularly monitor the health, performance and security of your computers so you don’t have to.

We proactively keep an eye on your computers to make sure they are running properly, updated regularly, protected from malware and backed up successfully.  When we identify areas needing improvement or potential issues, we perform the necessary maintenance and remediation tasks remotely in a timely manner.

Proactive Monitoring

We regularly monitor for conditions that require immediate attention or additional observation.  Following is a partial list of conditions we monitor for:

  • Excessive CPU load
  • Excessive memory usage
  • Excessive network bandwidth
  • Excessive CPU temperature
  • Excessive motherboard temperature
  • Low disk space
  • Low motherboard fan speed
  • Malware detected
  • Unsuccessful backup
  • Computer restart required to complete an update or software installation

Automated Maintenance

We automate maintenance tasks to ensure your computers are secure and performing at their best.  Some of the tasks that we automate include:

  • Critical updates
  • Security updates
  • Service packs
  • Feature updates
  • Driver updates
  • Office updates
  • Antivirus updates
  • System restore points
  • Routine system restarts

Beyond Computers

In addition to providing remote monitoring and management services for your computers, we can also monitor the online availability of any device on your network or the internet.

Just imagine discovering that:

  • your surveillance cameras have not been recording right when you need video documentation of an incident
  • your website is down and you’re wondering how long it’s been that way
  • a network printer used to print payroll checks has been down for days and you only realized it when it was time to print payroll checks

Our Managed IT Services would immediately identify these types of issues which would allow quick remediation.


  • We take over the responsibility of managing your computers so you can stay focused on your business
  • Peace of mind knowing that experienced IT professionals are monitoring the health and well-being of your computers throughout each business day
  • Gain the insight, knowledge and experience of IT experts without the personnel costs
  • Proactive solutions
  • Fast remote support when needed
  • Automated maintenance to ensure optimal performance, security and stability
  • Monitored and managed antivirus protection (optional)
  • Monitored cloud backup (optional)

Do You Have a Gap in Your Coverage?

As we’ve provided a wide range of services to a wide range of clients over the years, we’ve observed one reoccurring theme.  When visiting with our clients at their offices, we frequently identified one or more issues requiring attention that no one within their company had noticed.  These issues were most often unrelated to the purpose of our visit, which meant they were discovered coincidentally because of a scheduled on-site meeting.

Upon identifying this gap in our clients’ IT well-being, we committed to finding a way to fill this gap.  Our goal was to provide better coverage for our clients that didn’t have the time or technical knowledge to monitor every aspect of every computer themselves.  We believe we have accomplished our goal by adding Managed IT Services with remote monitoring and management to our offering.

Still Not Convinced?

If you are not already convinced that our Managed IT Services can benefit your business, ask yourself these questions:

Is anyone regularly checking:

  • the antivirus software on each computer to ensure that it is up to date?
  • to ensure that each computer is being fully scanned for viruses on a regular basis?
  • the antivirus scan results for each computer to check for identified threats and whether manual intervention is needed?
  • each computer to determine if any new Windows updates are available?
  • each computer to determine if a restart is required for updates to be applied?
  • each computer for overheating problems?
  • each computer for low fan speed which could lead to overheating?
  • each computer for excessive CPU utilization?
  • each computer for excessive memory usage?
  • each computer for low disk space?
  • each computer for backup issues?
  • that the surveillance cameras are online and recording?
  • that the company website is up and running?
  • that other network devices of importance to your company are online and operational?

Can you answer YES to all of these questions?

WE CAN…  EVERY DAY…  for EVERY COMPUTER…  for EVERY CLIENT using our Managed IT Services.

Put Our Managed IT Services to Work for Your Business!

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