Computer Dynamics, Inc. specializes in computer consulting, custom computer programming, software support and software development for IBM i™ on Power Systems™, formerly known as System i™, i5™, iSeries™ and AS/400®.

Based in Metairie, LA, Computer Dynamics, Inc. has been serving businesses in the Greater New Orleans area and across the state of Louisiana and beyond since 1990.  We utilize the latest technology in remote connectivity, web conferencing and teleconferencing to securely provide the same level of service to our out of state clients and increase productivity for our local clients.

Custom Computer Programming

Custom computer programming, software development, software support and system administration for IBM i™ on Power Systems™ (System i™, i5™, iSeries™ and AS/400®) is the primary focus of our business.  We can customize your existing software to make it work better for you or provide a new functionality that you require.  Our clients utilize the custom programming services of Computer Dynamics, Inc. for the following needs:

  • Add new features to their existing software
  • Change the way their software works to better suit their business
  • Interface with another software application or business
  • Correct problems with existing software
  • Export data to outside parties

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services by Computer Dynamics, Inc. gives you the peace of mind knowing that our experienced IT professionals are regularly monitoring the health, performance and security of your computers and technology resources.

Our Managed IT Services and automated software regularly monitor a comprehensive set of factors that could adversely affect the health, performance and security of your computers. We can also customize what we monitor to meet the specific needs of your environment.  Aside from the health of your computers, imagine discovering that your website has been down for nearly a week or that your surveillance cameras have not been recording for more than a month.  Our Managed IT Services would immediately identify these issues, allowing quick remediation.

With our remote monitoring and management software, we can proactively identify areas needing improvement, potential issues and perform maintenance and remediation tasks remotely in a timely manner.


Computer Dynamics, Inc. can provide software support services for your existing software whether it has been developed in-house or purchased from a software provider.  Many of our clients have reduced their annual software support costs by using our services on an as-need basis in place of continuing costly annual support contracts with the original software providers.

We can also provide system administration services to help with operations, configuration and performance needs.  Our system administration services often benefit our smaller clients that do not have technical personnel on staff.


Computer Dynamics, Inc. can provide consulting services to assist in many different areas of your information technology.  We can help you:

  • Choose the right computer hardware for your needs
  • Choose the best software to fit your business
  • Analyze your need for custom software and create specifications for custom programming work
  • Ensure your company’s software and data is properly protected through proper backup strategy and retention.
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan to suit your needs and budget

How Can We Help

Take your time and look through our website to see how our services and experience may benefit your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.